Building and Lifestyle Hub

Welcome to the Building and Lifestyle Online Directory

The Building and Lifestyle Hub offers a comprehensive range of services for anyone involved in property management, project management, or looking for product specialists in the building and lifestyle industry. Our extensive experience of over 40 years suggests a deep knowledge base that clients can rely on.

The radius of service spanning approximately 400km indicates a wide reach, positioning us as a significant player in the Southern Cape and surrounding areas. As the largest Building Information Center in this region, we play a pivotal role in showcasing various companies' products and services, making it easier for clients to explore options and make informed decisions.

Our commitment to assisting clients with ideas, hands-on advice, and information related to building, alterations, or renovations underscores our dedication to customer satisfaction and ensuring projects are successful across various sectors including homes, schools, and businesses.

Overall, our offerings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients in the building and lifestyle sector, combining expertise, accessibility, and a robust network of service providers to deliver comprehensive solutions.